Heather Schuldt has been very involved every year in the planning process and the day of event and she has been a close friend of Laura for a long time too. She is one of the people who have been supporting  Laura with a smile. You can tell it from the picture. She is the one that wears the dark shirt.

Heather responded very quickly to our request for volunteer stories. Let’s see what she wanted to tell us:

” The reason I volunteer to help out with Laura’s Smile Mile is to show support for my dear friend Laura David, for whom the Smile Mile Walk was started in honor of. I meet Laura about 10 years ago when she first started dating Mark. Laura is one of the STRONGEST women I have ever known. I also just wanted to be a part of the walk/run because it is such a neat experience to see all these family and friends pull together for not just Laura, but to help a cause that is near and dear to her.
I have volunteered every year so this is my 4th year. Every year gets better and better….and BIGGER too—it’s great! Typically, I get down to Veteran’s park around 6 a.m. in the morning and I help set tables up, blow up a few of the several hundreds of teal balloons, and get the registration tables set up. I asked a friend of mine who is an art teacher if she would be interested in doing some face painting for us for the kid’s Giggle Fun/Gallop this year so that is something fun and new! I am also coordinating the live music for after the walk. I am really looking forward to hearing my friend’s band and their inspiring music.
I always enjoy when I can see that Laura is enjoying herself. Just seeing all of our family and friends getting together rain or shine or 30 degrees out (the weather in 2009 was so unusually cold that at first we were all wearing hats & mittens) ….it’s always a good time. I think it is so amazing seeing all of us volunteers—old ones and new ones too! It is by far one of the things I am most proud to be a part of.
Looking forward to seeing all the beautiful faces June 5th!
Heather Schuldt”

Thank you, Heather: )