After several months’ preparation, LSM finally took place at Veterans Park Milwaukee’s Lakefront on June 5th. The sunshine and breeze allowed us to come out and join this meaningful cause. . The event started at about 8 am and lasted till noon.

Amazingly, the number of pre-registration this year broke 500, exceeding last year by about 200.  Including on-site registration, there were over 700 participants running and walking to help raise ovarian cancer awareness!  LSM couldn’t make such a big leap forward without the kind public support. Check out the video of the crowd here:

Accompanied by beautiful music, people enjoyed the fun of talking with friends, exercising by the lake and contributing to a good deed. Besides the run/walk, giggle gallop designed for kids gathered smiles on innocent little faces. Those little boys and girls might not understand the intention behind the event, but their vigor added vitality to the day and inspired us adults to fight against whatever that’s in our way to reach our goal.

The most heart-striking moment would be when Laura, whom the event is named after, gave a sincere speech with her husband Mark standing by her side. Instead of simply telling the sad story where she was diagnosed ovarian cancer as young as 23 when she was just ready to begin a happy married life, Laura approached her experience from a much more positive perspective. She is grateful that with the continuing love and support  from family and friends and all that have been taking part in LSM, herself and Mark can resume their dream of living a long long time as husband and wife. She also encouraged everyone in the audience to dream big and believe that dreams will come true. What she said really touched people’s heart. Tears came down naturally on quite a few faces.

LSM is not only an occasion to give but also to get. Top runners were rewarded cash prizes and medals. Ovarian cancer survivors were recognized and congratulated in clapping and cheering. Special thanks were extended to leading fund raisers and two main organizations – Wisconsin Ovarian Cancer alliance and Girls On The Run Greater Milwaukee – that backed up the entire activity. Even more exciting, full tables of prizes were handed out to people that showed up. Everyone came with good heart and left with smile and joy, and that reflected the true value of LSM.

OK, picture time ;)

What a shame that due to a lack of professional equipment, the pictures and video are somehow plain. However, they serve the purpose of showing what the event was like. Hopefully, more high-quality photos will be offered by a couple of better-equipped photographers. Please look forward to seeing follow-up posts!

Last but not least, tons of thank you to all of you who came out and supported in various ways!!! Laura will keep fighting the odd with a smile on the face. Well, I’m not her official spokeperson but I know for sure that she will, lol. Marching on, Laura! Marching on, LSM and LSF!