On April 22, Earth Day, a heath fair was held in Kern Center on MSOE campus. Thanks to Kristen Trongeau, one of our PR volunteers, LSF was lined up at the Fair and owned a booth. Ayla Yundem and Cassie Simpson were very kind to offer their time to man the booth. They wanted to share some interesting  and inspiring observation through this post.

Ayla explored the Fair, and LSF seemed to be the only one of its kind there. (YAY!! We led the market, lol.)  “We set out literature for people to pick up, both on LSM and detecting ovarian cancer, and small gifts such as rubber bracelets and pins. We had a sign-up sheet for anyone who was interested in learning more.” said Ayla. Specially, a 13-year ovarian cancer survivor left her phone number to us and was willing to provide us with a testimonial.

Cassie estimated that about 25 people stopped by our table.  ” It was really great to interact with everyone and we had several people come up who had personal stories about ovarian cancer and how it has affected someone in their lives.   Those people were thankful to see us there as they haven’t seen another foundation focused on ovarian
cancer awareness.  A few people had questions around the symptoms, etc of ovarian cancer and we were able to provide them information from WOCA’s literature.”

LSF just made a little but important step forward in spreading the awareness. Facts prove that ovarian cancer is underrated. We still have a long way to go before it has attracted sufficient concern. Joint effort is indispensable from medical care providers, ovarian cancer patients, their beloved ones and the general public. We are happy and excited that the Fair facilitated our endeavour and our message got acrossed.

Keep marching on, LSF and respected ovarian cancer fighters!