When we contacted Jen Borzymowski about her team “Marchin for Marilyn” she was more then happy to speak with us on how the team came together for such a great cause!

Team “Marchin’ for Marilyn” is walking to support Jen’s mother-in-law, Marilyn, who was diagnosed with Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer in April.

“To say her diagnosis has been a shock is an understatement.” says Jen Borzymowski. Marilyn went into the hospital for a “routine” hysterectomy, during surgery, cancer was found.

Jen wanted to do something for her mother-in-law.  She hoped there was something out there to support  “the cause”.   A quick internet search brought her to Laura’s Smile Mile!

Borzymowski says people have been signing up left and right to be part of the event and show their support for Marilyn. Family, friends and even members of a local rugby team will be participating.

She says, “We’ve even gotten donations sent in from as far as Switzerland!”.

Marilyn told Jen that “come hell or high water” she IS going to be at Laura’s Smile Mile on June 4th! Jen says that Marilyn’s strength and positive attitude during this time have been truly inspirational.

Borzymowski states, ” She is ready to kick Cancer’s butt and I know with that attitude she will!”

We can’t wait to have Jen, Marliyn and Team ” Marchin for Marilyn” join us for this year’s event.

Thanks for participating!

Laura’s Smile Mile Team Participation

If interested in running as a team of
10 or more, registration would be $18/participant.

If registered by May 15th, you will receive recognition on our web site.
Please contact denielledavid@hotmail.com prior to registering.
NOTE: There will be a separate registration tent
for groups.

Largest team of 10 or more wins a prize!

Teams must be pre-registered
by May 31st.