It’s time to announce this year’s winner of the Laura’s Smile Mile t-shirt design contest!


Congratulations….Craig Wiebelhaus!


Here are a few word from Craig!


I am very honored to have had my design selected as the winner of the Laura’s Smile Mile T-Shirt design contest.


I live in Glendale, Arizona with my wife and cat but grew up in Slinger and was good friends with Mark David, Laura’s husband, growing up. We were in the same grade as each other and participated in several school activities together, including Cross Country. I came across the contest when Mark posted about it on his Facebook page and thought it would be a neat way to chip in a helping hand if possible. Knowing Mark growing up, and having lost very close people in my life to other forms of cancer made me very sad and sympathetic to the situation that occurred with Mark and Laura. While not able to attend the Smile Mile myself, being across the country, I have followed its growth and was aware of the butterfly release during the event. That really was the genesis of my design, to incorporate that visual of the butterflies being released and spreading their hope and joy with the world.