The growth of LSF and ongoing success of LSM depends largely on our volunteers.  In 2009 alone, the Smile Mile had over 50 volunteers! They’re all valuable assets to LSF. In the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing those warm-hearted and talented individuals to you.  You’ll have a chance to put names and faces to these people behind the scenes. Their stories with Laura and the Foundation will tell you more about who we are and what we’re doing. By this chance, we also hope to show our gratitude for those who have been gladly donating their time and effort to promoting LSM and LSF.

Let me start off by presenting to you our dearest Denielle Beilfuss, President of LSF & Event Coordinator of LSM


Denielle is one of the founders of the Foundation. She played an important role in initiating the run/walk about 4 years ago. Laura is her sister-in-law. The ovarian cancer diagnosis bombed the family and had a profound influence on every member in it. Denielle understood that being sad is not going to help at all. A more important to do is to support Laura through her fight against the disease. Being a runner, she, along with other family and friends, came up with the meaningful idea of 5k run/walk, hoping to raise public awareness of ovarian cancer and promote  education and medical treatment.

Seeing numerous participants and volunteers at the event really inspires Denielle to keep going. She said, “People are raising awareness through their support. That’s exactly our ultimate goal.” Currently, she’s super busy with coordinating and organizing this year’s event. Her contribution is vital to the event and the Foundation.

 Thank you, Denielle:)