Jayna David is both a family and a friend to Laura. She’s always been wanting to show support to Laura and all those battling ovarian cancer. This thought drove her to become a part of LSM when it started 4 years ago and stay actively with it.

Jayna is helping organize the Giggle Gallop. The items the kids will receive in the goodie bags are a result of her hard work. She will also stuff the bags, help set up and clean up on the day of the event.

She has experienced many memorable moments with LSM. One of her favorites is last year’s Giggle Gallop, where the Klement’s Racing Sausages handed the kids their medals as they crossed the finish line. The kids’ laughters brought energy and hope. Additionally, the first year the band Maple Road played, the guitarist took Laura’s hand and had her playing. The smile on her face reminded everybody of the reason Laura’s Smile Mile was named the way it was.

“I think the Smile Mile is a great cause and I hope that the Smile Foundation will help spread awareness about ovarian cancer.”  – Jayna

She voiced the aspiration of everyone that is helping LSM and LSF in their own way. Thank you, Jayna:)