It’s delightful to keep receiving stories from LSF’s beloved people. We have Kathleen and her husband Gregg this time. Let’s see what Kathleen wanted to say first.

“I’ve known Laura since our sophomore year of high school and I’ve helped out with the Smile Mile for 3 years!  At the Smile Mile, I help set up tables, put out food, and decorate (balloons!).  I love volunteering for the Smile Mile because I get to support Laura and her family and help to bring awareness about ovarian cancer. 
My favorite part of the Smile Mile is seeing all the wonderful friends and family that come out to be with Laura.  It’s a wonderful reminder of how many lives Laura has touched.”                                             

Kathleen’s husband, Gregg, met Laura through his wife.

” Laura and Mark’s wedding was the first trip that Kathleen and I went on together as a couple.  Since then, Laura has been in our wedding, and has continued to be an important part of my life.
This will be the third Smile Mile that I will help with and attend.  I have helped by blowing and tying balloons, losing balloons, assembling and disassembling tents, putting up signs, putting away signs, and tying balloons to signs.  Most importantly though, doing whatever I am told to help out!
As far as a favorite moment?  Honestly, it usually goes by so fast.  Perhaps seeing all of the people having fun participating, catching up with everyone, run-walk racing, evading dive-bombing seagulls, or pining to rent a Segway or a kite.  It is hard to pick a single moment that sticks out.  Most of all though, my favorite memory is knowing that I helped support such an important cause and a wonderful person that means so much to my wife and myself.”

Thank you, Kathleen and Gregg :)