Dawn Wilhelm is Laura’s younger sister. She and her husband, Matt Wilhelm, have been supporting LSF with their love for Laura as a family member. They were happy to share what they’ve been doing with LSF and their feelings.

My name is Dawn Wilhelm. I am the youngest of three daughters in my family and Laura is my sister. Raising ovarian cancer awareness has held important meaning to me ever since learning of my sister’s diagnosis nearly six years ago. I have actively participated in volunteering for Laura’s Smile Mile every year since it started, so this will be my fourth year helping out. Beforehand, I am always seeking donations and helping with the planning leading up to race day. On the day of the event, I help with the pledges table, record times at the finish line chute, and clean up after the event winds down for the day. My favorite part of Laura’s Smile Mile is when my sister Laura gives a speech. Laura describes about her own journey with ovarian cancer and thanks the participants for helping fundraise to raise ovarian cancer awareness. Her speech is sentimental and strikes an emotional chord for me, as we have always been a closely knit family and I am reminded of her daily battle with cancer. I am looking forward to supporting my sister and all those other families with loved ones battling ovarian cancer once again at the annual Laura’s Smile Mile June 5th.”

     Dawn is on the far left; 3 sisters and dad at the event.

Moving on to Matt, he said, “Laura is my sister-in-law. I become close to Mark and Laura when I started dating Dawn several years ago. At the Smile Mile, I help my wife man the pledges table. I also bring my 4-wheeler to the park on the day of the event, so we have a vehicle to drive around the park grounds to transport the tables, tents, signs and other equipment over the race route. Laura’s Smile Mile is such an important event not only to my wife and our family but to others as well – it raises money for ovarian cancer awareness and gives hope to the survivors.” 

Thank you, Dawn and Matt :)