Heather is in charge of marketing LSF & LSM. She is full of great ideas and passion. After passing me several volunteer stories of others’, she finally got a chance to sit down and tell us her own:

“I first met Laura about 10 years ago when she started dating my friend Mark. I’ve become closer to Laura over the years….both in our friendship and literally as she lives close enough to me that I can walk to her house! :) I’ve been volunteering with Laura’s Smile Mile since 2008 so this will be my third year helping out. The past two years I’ve helped with blowing up balloons and setting out signs in the wee hours of daylight before the race begins. This year, I am using my background in marketing to assist with some of the pre-event planning such as the promotional emails. An interesting memory for me of Laura’s Smile Mile is the first year I helped out. Mark’s sister Jayna had a creative idea for the finish line—she wanted to build an arch of balloons. She had two thin PVC poles tied together so a group of us took turns tying balloons around the poles until emerged a glorious teal arch! We posed for a picture and celebrated. Unfortunately, gravity and wind took over and about 10 minutes later the poles snapped under the strain. We still had a lot of fun at the race though and seeing all the people who came out to support Laura and others dealing with ovarian cancer was truly uplifting and amazing.”

Thank you, Heather! :)