Laura’s Smile Foundation has been busy finding out details on this year’s teams. We will be spotlighting each team on our blog.

Team Captain, Lisa Colker tells us a little bit about her team, Smells Like Bacon.

Well I and my friend, Laura Raebel had not seen each other in a number of years. We chose Laura’s Smile Mile in 2009 to meet up and do a 5k, it was only the second race I had done.  We chose it because #1 we had not heard of a race for ovarian cancer, or at least not in the area and thought what a wonderful cause to run for.  #2 because it was a smaller race and there certainly is a unique feeling to that, family like.  We stayed after the race and listened to Laura David and her friends/family tell an incredible story of Laura’s journey with her disease, truly inspiring.  We did not have a team that year and in 2010 we did not run the race.

Lisa Colker (in blue) at the Kentucky Derby Festival Mini Marathon.

Fast forward to 2011… friend Laura and I decided we did not want to miss the event since it was sad to us that we had to in 2010.  I asked around work to see if others wanted to join in and form a team, I received a positive response.  Several signed up with us, however last minute a few were unable to make it.  We discussed team names at great length and came up with Smells Like Bacon……because a large amount of the team members last year, and more this year, are Police Officers.  Just as a sort of joke amongst us, we certainly don’t have a problem making fun of ourselves!  For some, this was their first race ever and crossing the finishing line was an incredible feeling both to them and for all of us to watch.  Anyone with any fear, reservation or obstacle to overcome can relate.

We stayed after the race in 2011 and again listened to the stories of Laura David from her family and friends but it was evident that something was very wrong and she was not feeling up to attending the event.  I can say that I definitely felt an overwhelming feeling of sadness knowing that her disease had taken over her.  I had heard shortly thereafter and read that Laura David had passed.  Very sad, but happy that I had been part of an event while she was still here.  The news was passed onto the other team mates who said they’d like to do it next year (2012).  Laura Raebel had a terrific run this day and placed 3rd in her age group!

2012-I asked who would be interested and received an even bigger response, so we officially have 18 people signed up.  We decided to stick with the team name as it seems fitting :)  Again this year, there are people that this will be their first race, others are “seasoned runners” but all agree that getting together and running for a wonderful cause makes any kind of pain/discomfort that you may feel while running minor compared to what individuals with these diseases go through.  I feel that running for Laura (David) is an honor and I will do my best for her.  Forming these teams raises money, money that will aid in research.  In research comes knowledge which ultimately can lead to cures.

So we, I, feel honored and happy that we can help in any way, every little bit helps.

So thank you, we look forward to June 2nd, of course with some sadness……

Thank you, Lisa!

Teams that have registered by May 15 will have their team names published on the Laura’s Smile Mile website. Reminder that teams of 10 or more participants registered by May 29th receive a discounted registration rate-only $18 per person!