Local soccer team raises awareness of Ovarian Cancer.

Early this month the women’s soccer teams of Watertown High School held a game to raise awareness of Ovarian Cancer.

The Watertown players wore teal T-shirts to show their support.  The bleachers were filled with approximately 150 spectators who many of them also wore teal.

The event was the idea of Watertown’s  Varsity  Coach, Jennifer Cashin.  She wanted to do something meaningful and educational  to show her soccer girls could relate and put a face to this disease.

“By choosing Laura’s Smile Foundation I was sharing a story of someone who lived the fairy tale life these same girls dream up, finding love young and getting married, and then being confronted with a disease that could happen to anyone.”, says Cashin.

At half time a very special ceremony was held to recognize four wonderful women.  Laura David, the namesake of Laura’s Smile Foundation and three survivors. They are Brenda Vogds, an ovarian cancer survivor and friend of Coach Cashin; Deenie Smith, a survivor who is a mother of two of the players, and Jill Davy, another survivor and aunt of a player.

Although the event took place in one evening, Coach Cashin states she has a team of girls that will remember Laura, her story, her smile, and her message for a lifetime!

Thank you to the Watertown Women’s Soccer Team and Coach Cashin for helping raise awareness for ovarian cancer and supporting Laura’s Smile Foundation.  Laura would have been so honored!