Evelyn's family team.  Evelyn is sitting in the chair.

Evelyn’s family. Evelyn is sitting in the chair.

My name is Linda Fixel and I am one of three daughters of Evelyn Neu. My two older sisters are Marlene Lemminger and Dianne Obermann.
Our mother has been a great inspiration to us and has always been a fighter. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in her early 50’s and fought hard when the chemo made her extremely ill. She was able to go into remission for 18 years before being diagnosed with cancer in her second breast. Due to early screening she was able to fight the bilateral cancer with radiation treatments. Six months after finishing radiation she found out she had stage 4 ovarian cancer. After a MAJOR surgery, she has endured 2 years of various chemotherapy treatments to continue fighting this disease. We created this team of all family to show our continued love and support of her and help your cause for better education, diagnoses and treatment of this very aggressive illness.
There are 19 family members, daughter and husbands, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, yes three generations, standing behind Evelyn on this journey. We can never really feel her pain but we try to to hold her hand every step of the way and bring her some joy on never ending battle.
We will be wearing the Laura’s Smile Mile t-shirts because although we did not know her personally, we know her journey was one of much HOPE, something that is difficult to sometimes hold on to. We will have a banner in Evelyn honor.