Tell me about yourself and why you created a team to run/walk Laura’s Smile Mile.

Our friend Gail is an ovarian cancer survivor. She is passionate about getting the word out about the whispers of ovarian cancer. As part of this passion, she has encouraged us to participate in the Laura’s Smile Mile event every year. In light of this, we decided to form a team this year.

What is the story behind the name your team name?

5 years ago, a group of us women met while training for the Wisconsin Half Marathon in Kenosha. We have been meeting every Saturday morning to run since! Our group is here to support Gail and we are her groupies! (The Groupies are in the attached picture, with Gail giving the thumbs up in the purple hoodie on the right.)
Gail's Groupies
How many people will be participating with the team? Will you be doing something special like team t-shirts, signs,etc.?
We should have at least 10 folks on the team and will be wearing teal!Anything else you would like to add?People like Gail and Laura are why the message is getting spread about ovarian cancer. Friendship and courage are how we are eventually going to defeat it!