Laura’s Smile Foundation has been busy finding out details on this year’s teams. We will be spotlighting each team on our blog.

Today, we  feature OC Runs 4 Women. Here is what Team Captain Mandy James has to say about her team.

Mandy James and teammates at LSM 2010

“Within the last few years, a lot of my friends & I have had children.  I had a my youngest child Jackson last September, and after a month, I was constantly tired from taking care of two little kids.  I decided I needed to do something to get in shape so I could be a good mother to my children.
I joined a program online called My Fitness Pal, which tracks your food and exercise, to help you lose weight.  I have been very successful on the program.  Also, on My Fitness Pal, you can get “friends” who can see your daily activity and help motivate you with kind words, emails, etc.  Well I had done Laura’s Smile Mile two years ago and really enjoyed helping a local cause as well as the beautiful run, so I asked some of my My Fitness Pal friends to form a team.  Five of us from the program decided to join, and we asked some additional friends as well, becoming OC Runs 4 Women.  We are all from the Oak Creek area, so we thought the name was fitting because of OC standing for “Oak Creek” and “Ovarian Cancer”.
This upcoming 5K has continued to motivate all of us to keep fitness and running part of our daily routine.  There is no better motivation then doing something like this as a group, and we are very excited as the date gets closer!
I would like to add that it is nice how something as simple as a 5K has brought so many of us girls together for a common goal.  Some of us aren’t best friends or people who see each other every single day, but we are a group that is all very motivated about getting in shape and very inspired by Laura’s story.  Most of us plan to have our children down there the day of the run to show them the importance fitness and helping out good causes (as well as let them run around too!).”
Thank you, Mandy!

Teams that have registered by May 15 will have their team names published on the Laura’s Smile Mile website. Reminder that teams of 10 or more participants registered by May 29th receive a discounted registration rate-only $18 per person!