Team Captain Mary Haag tells us about her team, Team Novo.

Tell me about yourself and why you created a team to run/walk Laura’s Smile Mile.

My involvement in Laura’s Smile Mile started as a favor to a friend a few years ago, which is sad because my grandmother died of ovarian cancer.  Even given this family history I didn’t know many of the signs and “whispers” until the education that Laura’s Smile Mile provided me.  From the time my daughter ran her first Giggle Gallop she has been learning the lesson to listen to what her body is telling her, as well as the audacity of hope and what that can bring to a person’s life.  The opportunity for her to be involved in this race; knowing what she has internalized about life,  how to live it and how to stand up for her own body and health has made me forever grateful to Laura’s Smile Foundation.  Whatever level of involvement I have, it will never be enough to repay these life lessons taught to my little girl.  It continues to be one of my husband and my favorite charities throughout the year- so don’t just think of the Foundation at race time!!

What is the story behind the name, “Team Novo”?

We work with Cassie Simpson one of the co-founders of Laura’s Smile Foundation at The Novo Group. Each year many of us participate, but it has always seemed a little sporadic. Since we started participating as individuals it has become apparent how many of us have been touched by ovarian cancer- and the number is shocking.   Forming a team seemed like the right thing to do.  It seemed as though it would inspire greater participation, and with greater participation there will be more awareness and more funds for research- which is all of our ultimate goal!  And such a great opportunity for a team building event- it was a win-win for everyone!!

How many people will be participating with the team? Will you be doing something special like team t-shirts, signs,etc.?

We will have a team of approximately 20, unless I can do some pretty big coaxing in the next few weeks!  We have nothing formalized yet for our team, but with our creative bunch I wouldn’t be surprised if we come up with something fabulous, funny, or both.
Anything else you would like to add?

Go Team Novo!!
Thanks, Mary!

Teams that have registered by May 15 will have their team names published on the Laura’s Smile Mile website. Reminder that teams of 10 or more participants registered by May 29th receive a discounted registration rate-only $18 per person!