My name is Amanda Robinette and I am grew up in the Milwaukee area. I live in Chicago now and am currently a first year medical student at Midwestern University.
I will be running in the race with my sister Brooke in support of our mom. She was diagnosed almost exactly 5 years ago with stage 2c ovarian cancer. Since that time, she has had several recurrences and just recently had another major debulking surgery. It has been a long struggle for our family and that is exactly why my sister and I feel that this race is so important. We want to continue to raise awareness about this terrible disease.
We will be making tshirts and I am in the process of contacting family members to see if they would like to also participate.
I am very excited to run for a great cause. The reason that this disease is so deadly is because it is almost never detected before stage 3 cancer. If we can continue to make the public aware about its very common signs and symptoms, many lives could be saved in the future. I don’t want to have any more families have to go through the struggle that my family and many others face on a daily basis. This run is a great start :)