A Smile Mile meeting took place this past Sunday May 16th at event coordinator Denielle’s house. It was the last planning meeting before the 5k run/walk June 5th. We discussed printing of the sponsor banner and t-shirts, items for the goodie bags and logistics of the race day set up. In addition to face painting, as part of our newly enhanced Giggle Fun for children this year, KC’s Inflatables (www.kcsinflatables.com) will have a tent set up called the “Fun Zone.” I’m sure it will be a big hit with the young children.

We also had a lively discussion of how many bananas we would need for the food tables at the event. We tried to base it on how many people we expect to be at the race. Then we contemplated if we should calculate two or three people per banana. That turned into a discussion of how many bananas are in 1 pound and how many pounds a bunch of bananas would weigh! The conversation near drove me bananas! lol. Just kidding. We finally agreed to an estimate of about 7 bananas per pound. (Fun fact: Heather was curious about this so she tried looking it up online afterwards. She came to the conclusion that no one seems to know what a banana weighs! She found answers online ranged from a few ounces all the way up to a pound. She solved this dilemma by weighing a banana at the grocery store today. Answer: 1 banana = .30 lb.)

Everything is really coming together and we’re looking forward to June 5th.