One of our volunteers is coach Robert Williams and the Whitefish Bay High School soccer team. Robert tells us why this event is important to him.

I am the head varsity soccer coach at Whitefish Bay High School, and the reason I created a tea

m of volunteers to help out at the Smile Mile, is I wanted our program to be more than just soccer. I wanted the girls to be a part of something, give back to the community. I wanted to use them as team bonding and our girls like to come and help and be a part of something bigger than just playing soccer. To meet and interact with people from all walks of life, I want this to spark them to be involved with something a charity, or anything when they become adults.

My background interest in soccer is I played club, high school, and collegiately, and really loved the game. I started playing when I was 12 years old. I started coaching when I was 24 on a whim, a friend of mine asked me to take a freshman team at Menomonee Falls High School, and I was like sure, and ever since then I have been hooked, always wanting to get better, always wanting to leave a positive impact on players. I have coached at Whitefish Bay for 4 years now, and I have had amazing kids in our program, really really good kids that are good soccer players, but they are much better people than they are soccer players…. With the varsity we have freshman through seniors so there has always been a core than have stayed together. The senior class this year was my first group at Whitefish Bay.

I heard about Laura’s Smile Mile through Suzy Thomas and Denielle. Suzy and I ran in the race and she participated in the race as volunteer, and it left a great impact on me.

We have helped as a program for the past four years, we have helped doing all kinds of things… handing out water, the bouncy tent, and at the finish line, anything that is needed we are willing to help out with. This year we are having 24 players helping out, and possibly more from the JV level.

My favorite memory of the volunteering is every year being able to help out, to see our girls interact with everyone else, seeing the smiles on their face, and meeting different people from all facets of life.

In the future we would like to do even more to help out and give back possibly even hosting a game with the benefits going to the Smile Mile foundation, I would like to get more people involved from our community to help out as well.

Thank you Robert!